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Why use Holos Healthcare & Training for your training needs?

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Excellent tuition at a fair and competitive price.

Holos was formed in 2004 by Alex and Judi, with over 20 years combined experience in teaching First Aid and almost 30 years combined experience in the Emergency Services.

Apart from teaching generic first aid courses, with their wealth of experience, Holos have the ability to tailor courses to an individual client's needs in an enjoyable and yet purposeful environment. Couple this with a

  • fully integrated training package (including multimedia presentation, workbooks, manuals, certification etc.);
  • regular newsletters and case studies with self assessment questions for continual study post course completion
  • sufficient equipment to enable students to be confident in the skills taught and
  • all provided at a fair and competitive price

We believe we offer excellent value for money.

We are all appreciative of how clearly you presented us with the extensive information on the course and many of the students have compared notes with colleagues who had attended courses run by other organisations and certainly felt that we had been given the most information and had by far the best time in receiving it.

Sheila Kean BSc Cert. Ed, RCST
Course Director, Maitri Foundation