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Value For Money

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Fair and Competitive Pricing

At Holos Healthcare & Training Ltd. we believe that a quality service needn't cost the earth and that fair payment is justified. Whereas we may not be the cheapest, due to our reduced overheads we are by no means expensive. We do, however, believe we are the best.

Our prices are very competitive and we also offer discount for full class numbers. Mileage outside the M25 is charged at our current rate from either London, Malvern or Carlisle, whichever is nearer, together with any local government charges (i.e. Central London Congestion Charge).

Value for Money?

In addition to our fair pricing structure and excellent training, we also offer further value for money. There are no hidden extras on our courses and includes

  • Student Workbooks and / or Reference Posters;
  • Meningitis cards and other 'memory joggers';
  • A5 manual on most courses and Full certification.